Address Update/Verification

BCI provides a comprehensive set of address update, verification and hygiene services to ensure every conceivable measure is taken to improve alumni contact rates, and the quality of your database. The following services provide insight to each specific process. If you would like to find out more, and how these services can be applied to your unique circumstances, please contact us.

Address Retrieval Service
(ARS – Deep Search)

Locate the most current address on lost alumni, donors, and other constituents
  • Systematically searches for a single best match based on your existing data
  • Returns the most complete, current address and matching individual’s name
  • Sourced from National Credit Bureaus, and Public Record data bases containing more than 37 billion records from over 10,000 diverse sources—including public, private, and regulated data on approximately 268 million individuals and 390 million unique businesses. more info >>

Address Assurance Service

Taking it to the limit…
  • Standardizes, corrects and repairs addresses that don’t conform to USPS Standards and other basic address hygiene packages.
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV®) confirms all known USPS addresses and identifies potentially undeliverable ones
  • Targets records that pass ZIP+4 coding, but not necessarily a deliverable address point !
  • All cleaned records validated through CASSTM    (Coding Accuracy Support System) more info >>

Address Verification Service

Verify constituents that you assume are living at the address you’re mailing to, and identify those who aren’t.
  • Nationwide, approx 20% of people who move each year don’t file a Change of Address with USPS and many of them are in your data base — unbeknownst to you, becoming harder and harder to find.
  • Full name and address matching to current residents of household.
  • Re-align participation rates with University goals, and save big on wasted mailings. more info >>


Full Service Provider  (FSP)  guaranteed on all BCI projects
  • Most recent 48 months of USPS permanent change-of-address data (COA’s)
  • All COA data is updated on a weekly basis from the USPS via Electronic Product Fulfillment
  • Approx 160 million COA records on individuals and businesses / 40 million updates per year
  • Sourced from PS Form 3575 Change of Address Orders by relocating postal customers more info >>

Be Proactive and Cut Costs

  • Proactive address updating and correction is far cheaper in the long run
  • Take advantage of USPS discounts through mail automation
  • Reduce Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) mail that must be forwarded, returned to sender, or properly treated as waste
  • Prevent lost opportunities and expedite delivery while saving on postage fees and publication expenses

Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA)

Captures address changes not found through USPS
  • Most recent 48 months of address change data on approximately 25 million individuals
  • Updated on a monthly basis
  • Looser matching logic than NCOALink®, but still quite reliable
  • Generally, up to an additional 3% of new addresses will be found by doing this
  • Sourced from magazine subscriptions, surveys, warranty registrations, catalog companies, retailers, banks, etc. more info >>