Address Retrieval Service (ARS – Deep Search)

Greater Accuracy… Higher Match Rates… it’s that simple!

Our core product known as “BCI Address Retrieval Service” is the most powerful data retrieval system available for locating your lost alumni and constituents.

The depth of our resources shown below explains why BCI provides the best opportunity for a successful database search. And while it’s true that the best ingredients merely set the table, it takes a lot of programming skill to engineer search algorithms that hit the mark consistently.

18370199_sWith an investment at BCI, you can be assured that the most advanced techniques are working to your advantage. In addition, all updated records found are routinely cross-checked against multiple data sources to enhance data integrity. This will significantly improve your ability to improve contact rates and open up new potential funding sources for your institution.

At BCI, our most complete search uses an algorithm based on the linkage between individuals’ name and home address. Date of Birth, full or partial SSN, and phone numbers also help in the matching process, but not required. Once a match has been found, the ultimate verification of that match is revealed by providing the individuals full name, which BCI includes on the output file along with the new address. Of course, some differences of the name that BCI provides back should be expected due to changes in marital status, nicknames, AKA’s, etc…

BCI Address Retrieval Service:

Sources Include:

  • All three nationally recognized credit databases on over 268 million individuals
  • Social Security Administration (including Death Master File)
  • Birth Records
  • Employment Information
  • Real Estate Property data
  • Tax Assessor Filings
  • Public Record information including Lexis Nexis
  • 2010 Census Bureau Data
  • Multiple Landline Sources (including 411 Electronic Directory Assistance)
  • Multiple Cell Phone Databases
  • Drivers License Records
  • Motor Vehicle Registration data
  • Voter Registration data
  • Demographic Information
  • Multiple Email Address Databases

Latest Technologies utilized:

  • NCOA Link (National Change of Address / 48-month full service provider)
  • Address Standardization to USPS specifications
  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification
  • Address Element Correction (AEC)
  • ZIP Code Correction and ZIP+4 Coding
  • Carrier Route Coding
  • Delivery Sequence File – Second Generation ( DSF 2 )
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
  • Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS Link)
  • Suite Link