Address Verification Service (AVS)

It’s a common question and we’ve heard it for years …” how do we know if the person we are sending mail to is actually receiving it ?”

Naturally, USPS will deliver any mail piece with a deliverable address point, even if the individual named on the piece no longer resides at the address given. So in short, there’s no way to know if your mail is being sent to someone other than your intended recipient.  Of course, this problem becomes magnified when conducting searches for new landlines, cell numbers, email addresses, and other types of screenings since so much depends on root name/address accuracy.

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Test File Case Study:

casestudy-iconPlease contact us if you’re interested in receiving an AVS case study analysis from one of our clients.  This one-page match rate summary is a good example of what our clients usually experience on their own, and will likely raise a few eyebrows when you consider how thousands of alum’s and potential prospects in your database may be completely out of reach, yet still impact alumni participation rates, and other important metrics that your goals are based on.

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