Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA)

Find change-of-address information beyond the USPS NCOALink® file with PCOA (Proprietary Change of Address).

Priority stampWhen people move and change addresses, not everyone completes and registers a change-of-address with the USPS. Without this registration, the move is not recorded by USPS in the NCOALink database, and therefore no forwarding address can be provided.

However, by using PCOA service we can search beyond the boundaries of NCOALink alone.

The PCOA database is compiled from multiple private sources, such as magazine publishers catalog companies, major retailers, and credit card companies. Often these companies will receive change-of-address notifications that are not reported to the USPS.

This added source enables you to update your database further, and stay in contact with constituents who might otherwise become undeliverable records on your alumni database. All

pcoaPCOA matches are performed at the individual level only to avoid false identification. This means the full first and last name, and mailing address must all match to the previous address record on the PCOA file before it’s considered a match and appended to your file.

BCI highly recommends running PCOA in conjunction with NCOALink, rather than a standalone service. NCOALink is still the best method to capture the most moves — and also a necessity in order to meet USPS Move Update Requirements.

The PCOA database is updated monthly.