Inteliphone Append /  Verification Services

At BCI, we’re well aware of the challenges and pressure to meet Annual Giving goals year after year. Of course the right messaging to your alums, donors and the like plays a huge role, but if the strategy you worked so hard for is compromised by dialing to many disconnected or wrong phone numbers, let’s face it …you’re sunk.

Inaccurate data not only exacts a toll on revenue expectations, but weighs heavily on the morale of your callers as well. That’s why BCI has designed a multi-channel phone number append and verification service with all the flexibility you need to get results fast. BCI’s innovative approach ensures better control over your calling programs with landline and cell phone data that enables you to prioritize phone numbers early on in a campaign with high confidence scores and connect rates. And if there’s anything worse than wasting money on phone-a-thons that don’t deliver, it’s wasting time managing them.

  • Landline match rates average approximately 40%, .
  • Multi-sourced, parallel processors locate the best matched phone number.
  • New updated phone numbers added to the data base every 24 hours.
  • Several pricing plans to fit your budget.
  • A Buyers Guide to Phone Append Services

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