Cell Phone Append

append Cell phone appending has become a routine process at BCI for clients that realize the inherent advantage of making timely calls to their constituents wherever they are. Concerns in years past over cell phone privacy has given way to the acknowledgement  that many users have dropped landlines altogether, as the expectation of personal and business oriented calls via cell have become the norm.  In fact nearly 49% of all American adults now live in wireless -only households. (Source: CTIA Dec. 2015). Add the fact that many individuals are reluctant to answer incoming calls on their “house phone” in anticipation of unwanted telemarketers during prime “family hours”, and you’re left with few options to engage in direct conversation with your constituency. Although a clear strategy to reach your alumni by cell phone should be well thought out in advance, the conventional wisdom remains to tread lightly, and be particularly sensitive to individuals’ concerns over privacy.

BCI match rates for cell phone append continue to grow rapidly, now averaging over 40%

  • Cost based on confirmed matches only
  • Confidence score thresholds you determine for every cell number found
  • Volume pricing available
  • No processing / input fees of any kind

Regarding privacy concerns and regulatory compliance, BCI highly recommends reviewing key provisions in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. § 227) (click here for details in PDF format)

Cell Phone Coding

Like all multi-media messaging, good timing and relevance to campaign objectives through cell phone contact puts your callers at a big disadvantage if they can’t  pre-determine the context of the person on the other end.  It stands to reason, that since one call may be the single  best opportunity to engage a new donor – and perhaps for life, necessary adjustments to the way the call is handled makes all the difference in the world.

BCI’s provides the insight your callers need to bring out their A-game by identifying the type of phone number on virtually every number in your constituent data base. Specifically, we match your phone number information through SWireless homes4S7 Network technology – the global standard by which wireless carriers conform to, including procedures and protocol for network elements that effect call set up, signaling, routing, inter-network roaming, and control. SS7 is essentially the “glue” that connects circuit switched (traditional) networks with Internet protocol based networks. Once processing has been completed, BCI will append a unique verification code to confirm all matches.



Each verification code specifically identifies the phone number you provide as one of the following:

  • Landline
  • Cell phone
  • VoIP line
  • Beeper/Pager
  • Special Service phone number
  • Invalid phone number
  • This coding process results in match rates of approximately 98% on all records submitted.