File Specifications

File Name: Give each file an appropriate name that is reasonably descriptive: (eg: “ABC Univ_Lost donors”).

File Format: BCI accepts most common formats including:

  • Tab or Pipe Delimited (preferred)
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
  • Excel

Record Count: The exact number of records in each file you’re sending.

Record Layout: One consistent layout for all files sent.

Customized Layouts:  BCI standard output file reformatted for compatibility to meet exact system requirements for importing.  (no charge)

Field Format Requirements: Include as many of the following fields you can with complete information. The sequence of the fields can be arranged as you wish.

  • Constituent ID(s)
  • Constituent Name: First, Middle, Last, Suffix
  • Constituent Address: (current or last known) Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip

Optional Fields:

  • Landline Phone number(s) – 10 digits without dashes
  • Cell Phone number(s) – 10 digits without dashes
  • Email Address(s) – known bounce, inactive, invalid, wrong or suspect
  • Social Security Number – 9 digits without dashes, or last 4 numbers
  • Date of Birth – MM/DD/YYYY preferred format

BCI will append new updated information to each record matched.
None of your original data will be altered or overwritten.

Please contact us if you’d like to receive a copy of our standard file layout. …